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Quick ProLift Answers.

Which mounting holes do I use to fix the projector?

Refer to the Turret Assembly Sheet for a schematic of the appropriate fixing holes for your projector and board combination.

My whiteboard slides from side to side (L to R), what is wrong?

You must secure the lower end of the whiteboard to the stand adapter kit provided with assembly – refer to step # 9 of your assembly sheet

I have extra fasteners in my box, is this okay?

This may happen and will depend on the configuration that you have ordered. In our continual effort to provide you with a high quality product at the best possible price, we have bulk packaged the fasteners that will be required for your whiteboard and projector installation. As a result you may end up with extra fasteners.

The SMART board hangers stick outside the frame - is this okay?

Refer to Step # 7 of your assembly sheet for instructions on installing SMART Board Hangers. The plastic hangers exceeding our frame is normal for the Smart Boards SB685 and SB885.  You must also secure the lower end of the Smart Board as indicated in Step # 9 of the instruction sheet.

Do I need to restart (initialize) the system after installation?

All systems are tested in our plant during the assembly process and are lowered to the absolute zero position to ensure safe transit. Sometimes during shipping, there may be a slight shift in the position of the legs. It is therefore best practice to reset the system at first use after installation to ensure that you experience smooth and effortless operation of your stand.

I have tried a system initialize (reset) and the stand will not go up or down - what should I do?

Check that all cables are correctly plugged in to the control panel and legs. Power off system – wait for 20 seconds – power on system – initialize system (reset). If this does not solve the problem contact your reseller.

Only one side of the stand goes up, what should I do?

Power off system – check that all cables are correctly plugged in to the control panel and the adjustable legs.

Do you have a laptop tray attachment to the side of the ProLift stand?  Make sure you have used the correct length of screws (M6 x 8mm). Effective August 2012 – these screws are stainless steel colored for easy identification. Power the system on – check power bar, check plug from power bar to controller (black box) – you should hear a double clicking noise.

Press the down button (lower button on switch) continuously for approximately 15 seconds. You should notice a slight downward movement followed by an upward motion of approximately 1⁄2″. Your system is now ready to be adjusted.

Still not working? Contact your reseller